DIGSI 5 License

DIGSI 5 is available in different variants (Compact, Standard, and Premium) with various functionalities:

DIGSI 5 Compact: Software for configuration and operation of individual SIPROTEC 5 protection devices including transmission of process data from the device. Includes a graphical editor for Continuous Function Charts (CFC). Integrated test and commissioning functions, including the possibility of creating test sequences and their execution in the protection device without external test equipment. Projects may only contain a single SIPROTEC 5 protection device.
DIGSI 5 Standard : Like DIGSI 5 Compact, but without constraint with regard to the number of supported SIPROTEC 5 devices per project, incl. IEC 61850 System Configurator. Contains additional graphical Editors for single-line diagrams, device display pages, and the network topology. SIGRA 4 for professional fault-record analysis is available as an option.
DIGSI 5 Premium with SIGRA : Same as DIGSI 5 Standard, but with enhanced functionality for IEC 61850, for example flexible engineering and functional naming. Contains SIGRA 4 for a professional faultrecord analysis.

DIGSI 5 Selection Guide and Ordering Data