DIGSI 5 Premium with SIGRA

Each ordered license allows the usage of DIGSI 5 on one system. DIGSI 5 can be ordered with license bundles of 1, 5, and 10 licenses per bundle, therefore allowing the usage of DIGSI 5 on 1, 5, or 10 systems at the same time. Different licenses are available for DIGSI 5 Standard and DIGSI 5 Premium, providing different functionality of DIGSI 5. Additionally, option packs are available, for example SIGRA as an addition to DIGSI 5 Standard. Those option packs come also with license keys that enable the usage of those features in DIGSI 5. DIGSI 5 licenses are delivered on USB sticks. The license is transferred onto a system using the so called Automation License Manager (ALM).

Number of licensesOrder no. (short designation)
1 single license
5 single licensesP1V185
10 single licensesP1V130

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