DIGSI Video Training

10 Hours Video Training on DIGSI 5 & DIGSI 4

The possibilities of interactive training with video are endless. Such training can be accessed whenever and wherever it is needed, as often as is necessary.It is highly cost-effective, reduces travel, and time-saving. We provide professional video training packages on SIPROTEC , DIGSI and IEC 61850. Followings are some features of our courses:

  • High Quality Video (Full HD – 1080p)
  • Free life time technical support with quick response (WhatsApp, E-mail, Telegram and Remote technical support if needed)
  • Share the valuable experiences in the field as a user not as a promoter
  • Short videos in English with easy-to-digest content
  • Share the most up to date experiences, news and documents relevant to each course
  • Training by a reputed instructor (Dr. Saeed Roostaee)
DIGSI 4 Training (3 Hours)

The most complete DIGSI video training package in the world

Contact us : info@digsi5.com ; WhatsApp +917303437524


Can I use training course offline? Yes, each package needs internet connection only at the time of activation and it is for a few seconds. Then you can use it offline at any time.

How can I ask my technical questions? You can ask you technical questions at any time on WhatsApp / E-mail.

Can I use training on mobile? No, currently our training can be run on windows only.

Can I use training after changing my operating system ? Yes, after changing your operating system, you can active the package again with the same serial number