DIGSI 5 is the an engineering tool for parameterization, commissioning, and operating all SIPROTEC 5 devices. Simple connection to the SIPROTEC 5 device via USB allows you to work with a device easily and efficiently. The full capabilities of DIGSI 5 are revealed when you connect it to a network of protection devices: Then you can work with all of the devices of a substation in one project. DIGSI 5 offers superior usability and is optimized for your work processes. Only the information you actually need to carry out your tasks is shown. This can be reduced further via expanded filter mechanisms. Consistent use of sophisticated and standardized mechanisms in the user interfaces requires less training.

Using a PC or laptop computer, you can set parameters for the devices using the interfaces and export the fault data.

• With the Single-Line Editor, you can define a substation and the primary equipment graphically. Connect these elements with the protection function of your protection devices.
• The graphical display of the SIPROTEC devices can be configured and edited with the Display Editor or with a graphics program. Take your single-line diagram and convert it into a display image. You can also define your own icons.
• You can configure additional functions, for example, interlocking of the devices, graphically with the CFC Editor.
• With the Siemens IEC 61850 System Configurator, you can configure and parameterize IEC 61850 stations. With this tool, you can administer subnetworks, network users, and their IP addresses and link the information of various participants.
• The DIGSI 5 test suite provides extensive test tools, which accelerate commissioning and support you with operation. One of the test functions enables you to compile and execute test sequences, to test devices without external test equipment.
• SIGRA for simple, fast, and convenient analysis of fault records, such as those that were recorded by fault recorders during faults in power plants.

The engineering tool DIGSI 5 assists you in your workflow from planning to operation of your systems with SIPROTEC 5 devices. With DIGSI 5, you have full control over the engineering. The functional scope of the tool covers all tasks – from device configuration and device setting to commissioning and evaluation of fault data.

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