SIPROTEC 5 Modules

A SIPROTEC 5 device consists of a base module, up to 9 expansion modules and a power supply module for the optional second row. Base and expansion modules are distinguished firstly by their width. The base module is 1/3 x 19″ wide. Located on the rear panel are process connections and space for up to two plug-in modules. The expansion modules and the power supply for the second row are each 1/6 x 19″ wide. Expansion modules can provide either additional process connections or communication connections and are available for the devices 7xx85, 7xx86, 7xx87 and 6MD8.

SIPROTEC 5 can be ordered pre-configured from the factory. In this context, you can choose between the standard variants predefined by Siemens and the devices you have combined yourself. Every SIPROTEC 5 device can also be converted or extended according to your wishes. The modular concept absolutely ensures that the final device meets all standards, particularly with regard to EMC and environmental requirements.

On-site Operation Panel

The on-site operation panel is a separate component within the SIPROTEC 5 modular system. This allows you to combine a base or expansion module with a suitable on-site operation panel, according to your requirements. The modular system offers 3 different on-site operation panels for selection for base modules and also for expansion modules. The following variants are available for basic modules:

With a large display, keypad and 16 two-colored LEDs
With a small display, keypad and 16 two-colored LEDs
Operation Panel without Display, 16 two-colored LEDs

If the operation panel is to be installed detached from the device, it can be installed as a separate part and connected to the device with a 2.5 m or 5 m long connecting cable. In this way, the SIPROTEC 5 device can be situated, for example, in the low-voltage fixture and the operation panel can be installed precisely at the correct working height in the cabinet door. In this case, the device is fastened like a surfacemounting device to the cabinet wall. An opening must be provided in the door for the operation panel.

Device with Detached Operation Panel