The SIPROTEC 5 series is based on the long-term field experience of the SIPROTEC device series and has specifically been designed for the new requirements of modern power systems. For this purpose, SIPROTEC 5 is equipped with extensive functionalities and device types. With the integrated and consistent DIGSI 5 engineering tool, a solution has also been provided for increasingly complex processes, from design through to the engineering phase, up to testing and operation. Thanks to the high degree of hardware and software modularity, the functionality of the device types can be tailored to the requested application and adjusted to the ever-changing requirements throughout the entire lifecycle. In addition to the reliable and selective protection and the complete automation function, SIPROTEC 5 offers an extensive database for operating and monitoring modern power systems. Synchrophasors (PMU), network-quality data, and extensive equipment data are included in the increments of the functionality

With SIPROTEC 5, Siemens has also taken a new path with the design. Proven elements have been improved and innovative ideas have been added. When looking at the new devices, surface mounting is evident. In this way, the scope of the process data can be adapted flexibly to the requirements in the switchgear. You can choose: Either you use a pre-configured device with a quantity structure already tailored to your application, or you build a device yourself from the SIPROTEC 5 hardware building blocks to exactly fit your application. Pre-configured devices can be extended or adapted as needed.

Available Device Types in the SIPROTEC 5 System

  • Overcurrent protection with PMU and control : 7SJ82, 7SJ85
  • Distance protection with PMU and control : 7SA82, 7SA86, 7SA87
  • Line differential protection with PMU and control : 7SD82, 7SD86, 7SD87
  • Line differential and distance protection with PMU and control : 7SL82, 7SL86, 7SL87
  • Circuit-breaker management device with PMU and control : 7VK87
  • Overcurrent protection for lines with PMU : 7SJ86
  • Transformer protection with PMU, control, and monitoring : 7UT82, 7UT85, 7UT86, 7UT87
  • Motor protection with PMU and control : 7SK82, 7SK85
  • Generator protection with PMU : 7UM85
  • Paralleling device : 7VE85
  • Central busbar protection : 7SS85
  • Bay controller for control/interlocking tasks with PMU, monitoring, and protection functions : 6MD85, 6MD86
  • Fault recorders, fault recorders with Power Quality recordings, and fault recorders with PMU

For the SIPROTEC devices 7xx85, 7xx86 and 7xx87, you can also combine different base and expansion modules, add communication modules and select an installation variant that fits the space you have available. The SIPROTEC 7xx82 devices cannot be expanded with expansion modules.

With this modular principle, you can realize any quantity structure you desire. In this way, hardware that is tailored to the application can be selected.
The SIPROTEC 5 hardware building blocks provide the cumulative experience of Siemens in digital protection devices and bay controllers. In addition, specific innovations were realized that make the application easier for you, such as recorder and PQ functionalities.